Why Do I Need a Crown?

If a dentist has recommended that you need a dental crown, you may be asking yourself ‘why’.

There are two reasons why dental crowns are recommended by dentists. To help you better understand why you may need a dental crown, we will take a look at both of these reasons.

A Broken Tooth That is Unstable

Accidents happen that can leave a tooth fractured or broken. Depending upon how the tooth fractures, your dentist will have one of two choices: extract the tooth and place an implant in or restore the tooth with a dental crown.

Tooth extraction and dental implants are costly procedures. They are often only recommended when a tooth has fractured to the point that it is beyond repair.

A dental crown is recommended when most of the tooth’s surface is fractured, but the root or portion below the gum is still extremely sturdy. Your dentist will be able to create a dental crown that is as strong and sturdy as your natural tooth. This is all done without having to completely extract the tooth.

A Large Cavity is Present

When a tooth has a large cavity, it requires a lot of the tooth’s surface to be removed in order to properly remove all the decay and fill it. While the dentist may be able to do this successfully, there might not be a lot of tooth left. If there isn’t a lot of tooth left, there may not be enough tooth structure to support a filling.

A dental crown allows your dentist to fix large cavities without requiring that the entire tooth be removed. Your dentist will remove the tooth decay, fill the tooth, and place a dental crown over it. This provides you with a strong, sturdy, long term solution.

If you have any questions about dental crowns, call Cocoa Beach Family Dentistry. Our dental staff will gladly schedule an appointment for you so you can learn more about dental crowns from our kind, caring dentist.

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