Children’s Dental Health Month

Children are like little sponges. They quickly and easily soak up information or develop habits from an early age. This year, encourage your child, or the children around you, to develop good oral care habits by taking part in National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Never heard of National Children’s Dental Health Month? Let us tell you what it is, why it is important, and even provide you with some suggestions on how to celebrate it.

Taking a Closer Look at National Children’s Dental Health Month

National Children’s Dental Health Month, or NCDHM as it is sometimes called, has been around for a number of years. In fact, this year, 2018, is the 63rd year it has officially been celebrated.

Essentially, National Children’s Dental Health Month is a way to bring awareness to the importance of establishing healthy oral care habits in young children. This month-long celebration is observed by everyone from dentists and dental professionals to healthcare providers, parents, educators, and even community organizations.

Who Created National Children’s Dental Health Month?

National Children’s Dental Health Month was created by the American Dental Association. It started the holiday as a way to provide parents and caregivers with tips on how to establish healthy oral care habits in their children.

Every year since the first National Children’s Dental Health Month, the American Dental Association has sponsored the event. Part of them sponsoring the event involves them providing free information to parents and caregivers, creating kid-friendly worksheets about oral care, creating online games for children that teach the importance of brushing and flossing, and providing educational materials to dentists, healthcare professionals, and educators that teach oral care.

Several years ago, Crest + Oral B joined the American Dental Association as a sponsor of this month-long event.

The Official Theme for the 2018 National Children’s Dental Health Month

Oral care is such a broad topic that it can be extremely overwhelming to parents and caregivers. That is why the American Dental Association and Crest + Oral B pick a theme for National Children’s Dental Health Month. The theme is educational and provides parents with valuable information on oral care for their children.

The theme for 2018 happens to be: encouraging children to brush their teeth with kid-friendly fluoride toothpaste and flossing to keep the space between teeth clean.

Why Establishing Good Oral Hygiene Habits at a Young Age is Important

Without good oral hygiene habits, children will eventually develop dental disease. Once dental disease develops, children will experience a number of problems ranging from a lack of self-confidence and difficulty paying attention to problems eating or speaking and difficulty sleeping. Establishing good oral hygiene habits at a young age teaches children the importance of caring for their teeth, gums, and mouth and keeping it healthy. These are habits that will last a lifetime if taught at an early age.

Easy to Follow Oral Care Tips for Parents and Caregivers of Young Children

To kick off National Children’s Dental Health Month, we have created a list of easy to follow oral care tips for parents and caregivers of young children. The easy to follow tips include:

  • Encourage children to brush their teeth at least twice a day. It would be ideal if they brushed after every meal, but they should brush a minimum of twice a day.
  • Use a kid-friendly fluoride toothpaste with every brushing. Make sure to use the proper amount. Most children only need a small, pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • Encourage children to floss daily
  • Encourage healthy eating habits. Teach children to eat a balanced diet and to eat sugary treats in moderation
  • Schedule regular examinations and professional cleanings with your dentist

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