Teeth Whitening


Everyone wants a brighter, whiter, smile and Cocoa Beach Family Dentistry can help you achieve it! Over time, age and food exposure can stain your teeth and dull your smile. Today there are options that can help you achieve a megawatt smile in almost no time!


Over-the-counter bleaching products have some of the same ingredients as the products your dentist offers. However, these products are not allowed by the Food and Drug Administration to contain the same levels of active ingredient as those administered by licensed professionals. Also, the methods of applying these solutions to your teeth (strips, make-at-home molds, trays) usually don’t fit or adhere properly to the teeth, causing uneven or insignificant bleaching to occur.

Professionally prescribed

Professionally prescribed whitening offered by our dentists. We use Ultradent Tooth Whitening systems. We can take a dental impression so that you will have custom fitted trays made from these impressions. At home or work, you can wear these trays filled with a peroxide gel, as they are nearly invisible when they are in place. Optimal results are usually achieved in 1 week. The benefit of this kind of system is that you can purchase refill gel whenever you need, allowing you to keep your smile fresh and bright.

Will whitening harm me?

People often want to know if tooth whitening can harm them in any way. We tell them that with proper use, whitening treatments have shown no adverse effects on teeth, gums, or dental work (like crowns or fillings.) However, you may experience some increased sensitivity to heat or cold following treatment. This sensitivity usually lasts no more than a few days after treatment and can be easily alleviated. Ask Drs. David Ross and Erin Kahlon for options if the sensitivity hasn’t disappeared quickly, or is bothersome to you. If you experience irritation of the gums near the treated teeth check:

  • Over filled trays cause gel to be pushed out and sit on your gum tissue. Try using the least amount possible to make the trays adhere to teeth.
  • Excessive wear of the trays can cause irritation. Ask your dentist what the recommended wear schedule is.
  • Ill-fitting trays can cause gel to be deposited on the gums, causing irritation. Make sure your trays fit snugly, and ask your dentist to check the fit if irritation continues.

*Even if you experience a little sensitivity, don’t worry! Tooth-whitening gels have no adverse effect and often improve the health of your gums.

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