Dental Sealants


How Dental Sealant Works

Cavities often form in the grooves of the teeth that are difficult to reach with brushing. Some individuals have particularly deep grooves that form in their teeth. This natural occurrence means that some people may have a more difficult time fighting tooth decay, but dental sealants can help! Sealants are a simple tooth-colored acrylic coating painted onto the grooved surfaces of the tooth. This means the surface grooves are not as deep are “sealed” off from the damage caused by plaque, acids, and food particles.

Cavity Prevention

Sealants are quick, easy, and absolutely painless. For their preventive and protective value, sealants are an excellent choice to protect adult teeth as they emerge for young children as as healthy dental habits are established. Sealants are also an excellent choice for adults beginning to experience deep groove cavities over time. Sealants take just a few minutes per tooth and hold up under the conditions of normal chewing for several years. Once sealants begin to wear off, reapplication is as simple and easy as the initial application. Cocoa Beach Family Dentistry is your Cocoa Beach dental resource for sealants and cavity prevention.

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